2500 Sq Ft House Plan

By | February 5, 2023

2500 Sq Ft House Plan – My first house after I got married was a 980 square foot, two bedroom Ranch style house. When our second child was on the way, it became obvious that we were pushing for space. We had to find a bigger place!

It is not unusual for a young couple to start their marriage in a small house under 1,000-1,500 square feet. Then the children start coming and the space becomes smaller. Nowadays, it is even more typical of the Baby Boomers, who face the empty nest syndrome, where the family has moved on and the married couple lives in a house that is too big.

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

This is where the 2000-2500 square meter house plan comes into play. Like the teddy bear, chair and bed in the “Three Bears”, such an apartment plan is neither too big nor too small – but just right. In fact, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the average single-family home currently under construction in the U.S. new construction housing market is 2,445 square feet.

Square Feet House Plans In India

Let’s take a look at this home design segment to discover 10 popular features offered by 2000-2500 square foot house plans. There is no lack of choice in architectural styles. From Craftsman to Country or Farmhouse to Ranch and more, you’re sure to find something to your liking.

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

One of the hottest trends of recent years, the single-space floor plan – in which the kitchen, dining room and family room open to each other without walls – makes the space more spacious, suitable for family life and entertainment. No problem for small family houses.

Characterized by an open floor plan, this stunning 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom Ranch style home’s layout makes for superior modern living. The family is on the left, behind the chair protruding in the lower left corner (plan 106-1274).

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

Farmhouse Style House Plan

Talk to anyone with experience running a home and you’ll hear the same thing: the kitchen—the heart of the home—is the most important place in the house. No matter the size of your home, maximize your kitchen space by making sure there is plenty of storage, plenty of cupboards and, if possible, a walk-in or walk-in pantry.

There’s plenty of cupboards here (and even more base and wall cupboards to the left, just outside the photo), the added benefit of plenty of kitchen sports storage and a pantry behind the clear glass sliding door on the right, right next to the wall ovens (Plan 153-1987 ).

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

High ceilings are a surefire way to make a smaller home feel bigger. The larger the volume of the house shell, the larger it appears. If you can afford 9-foot ceilings—or even 10, 11, or 12-foot ceilings in certain entertaining areas—you won’t regret stepping into the spacious space.

Mediterranean Style House Plan

This room is a 2,250 sq. ft. Southern Country Style House Plan isn’t that big, but it feels spacious and grand because of the 9-foot ceilings (Plan 141-1060).

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

Especially popular with Baby Boomers – and almost by definition empty nesters – the main floor master suite is becoming almost universal in new construction. It eliminates the worry of having to negotiate messes as the years go by and allows single-story living in even a two-story house with extra bedrooms upstairs. Highly recommended for moving up (or moving down) to a new house.

The master bedroom overlooking the pool (above) is set in its own cozy nook, away from the other bedrooms and the ‘public’ spaces, as shown in the floor plan (below). It also has its own entrance to the back deck (plan 190-1007).

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

Sq Ft 3 Bhk Floor Plan Image

Pamper yourself in your new home and what could be better than a luxury bathroom with all the space and comfort you desire. Double sinks are de rigueur in the master bath these days; separate sinks/sinks, let’s say each separate on both sides of the room, even more fashionable. And don’t forget the toilet or compartment toilet for privacy.

This floor plan is an amazing 2,344 square feet. The Craftsman-style home showcases a lovely master suite that occupies its own wing on the left side of the home. In the master bath, the sinks are separate and far apart; the private toilet speaks for itself (plan 106-1276).

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

Continuing the indulgent theme of tip 5, his and her cabinets are a decadent but enjoyable feature to have in your new home. Clothes seem to multiply oddly over the years, so why not have your own spacious closet to store them?

Bhk Floor Plan For 25 X 25 Feet Plot (2500 Square Feet)

The entire right-hand side is 2,257 sq.m. A luxury country home in its own right, the master suite on the floor plan has all the features of sophisticated living: large master bedroom, master bedroom, separate vanity, vaulted ceiling, luxury shower and separate tub, and private toilet. (Plan No. 163-1052).

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

An active family needs a place where the kids can come in without fear of messing up the house, or the house gardener can come in after tilling the ground and not have to worry about muddy boots. So it’s a good idea to plan ahead for a side entrance (often next to or near the garage) with a closet and seating as a mudroom.

This mudroom (top) is representative of what you’ll find on the beautiful 2,495 sq. ft. lot. Country style home below (plan 135-1049).

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

Square Feet 4 Bedroom Modern Two Floor Home And Plan

A laundry room on the main living level makes a lot of sense, especially considering that laundry rooms have generally been relegated to the basement in days gone by. Why not make this inevitable chore convenient by placing it where you spend the most time?

The laundry room (circled above) is located right next to the entrance to the attached garage in the back of the 2,400 square foot home. Acadian style home below (plan 142-1098).

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

Increasingly popular in recent years, the classic front porch is the perfect welcome for guests and the perfect place to relax and watch the world go by. Speaking of relaxing, designing your home with a wrap-around porch or even a covered back patio or deck will add extra living space by providing extra space from the weather. Both front and back porches (or patios) make a smaller home look much larger.

Sq Ft Homes

This 2,156-square-foot, 1-story, country-style home features a wide front porch with a swing and four relaxing rockers (Plan 123-1039).

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

This covered back patio and grill porch/outdoor fireplace (viewed to the right of the home) extends the 2,091 square feet of living space. house by keeping the occupants out of the weather (Plan 117-1092).

You can never have too much storage, so make sure your new house is equipped with plenty of wardrobes; enough cupboards in the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom; if applicable, built-in; and a garage slightly larger than your vehicles require to accommodate the inevitable “extras” like lawnmowers, power tools, and other garden and workshop supplies.

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

Ranch Plan: 2,500 Square Feet, 4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms

This charming 2,199 sq. ft. bath and walk-in closet. Country-style house plans show smart use of storage space—and that’s just the beginning. The home’s other 3 bedrooms each have their own walk-in closets; the kitchen has a pantry; and the breakfast area has a built-in foyer (plan 141-1107).

Isn’t it time to collect your favorite features from these 10 and start looking for your own dream home?

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

Footnote: The lead (top) image of this article is a 2,402 square foot, 1 story, 4 bedroom country style home. To learn more about the home, see: (Plan #141-1125) This inviting home plan features country style and upscale features. Front and back covered porches provide usable outdoor living space. In this house plan, the great room is vaulted, with built-in closets and a gas fireplace. The spacious kitchen has an island with a breakfast bar and storage space for family and friends to gather. The hall bathroom is equipped with a double sink for convenience. The guest bedroom has a walk-in closet with a conveniently located bathtub across the hall. There is a flexible space that can be used as a computer center, nursery, home gym or extra wardrobe. The master bedroom in this home plan has raised ceilings and opens to the well-appointed bath with double vanities, corner tub and separate walk-in closet. The spacious laundry room is located on the outer wall for efficient operation of the dryer. The future space upstairs can be a playroom, an extra bedroom, or just an extra storage room. This is a very flexible house plan with many options.

Craftsman Style House Plan

Front Porch: 145 sq. ft. (unheated) Back Porch: 302 sq. ft. (unheated) Garage / Storage: 779 sq. ft. (unheated)

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

Floor Plan(s) Usually, every house plan kit includes 1/4″ floor plans with door and window tabs. Floor plans are usually made with 4″ exterior walls. However, some plans may include details/sections for both 2″x4″ and 2″x6″ wall framing. Please see the ‘External Wall Frame’ specification above for availability.

Foundation Plan and Details Electrical Plan with Electrical Symbols: Generally

2500 Sq Ft House Plan

Country Style House Plan

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