2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

By | July 23, 2022

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans – Farm house plans are ideal for home buyers who prefer the “relaxed” lifestyle. Most ranch style homes have only one level, eliminating the need to climb up and down the stairs. In addition, they boast spacious patios, expansive porches, cathedral ceilings and large windows. They tend to have comfortable and relaxed layouts with an open kitchen. All of these features make ranch homes suitable for homeowners looking for floor plans that offer more space and allow for greater mobility.

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2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

If you’re looking for the perfect ranch style home with an open floor plan, look no further than Family Home Plans. We have an exciting collection of over 2,900 ranch style house plans in a searchable database.

Story Modern Cottage Ranch House Plan

Our house plans are simple yet elegant, and they come in a variety of footprints, including square, rectangular, U-shaped, and L-shaped. Fill out our search form to see a comprehensive list of all our ranch style house plans.

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

Living in a farmhouse style home brings a sense of calm and tranquility, even in an urban setting. Plus, you’ll enjoy a larger living space and easier access to the outdoors.

To find the right farmhouse plan for your project, check out our search service and buy your plan today. You are sure to find a plan that suits your taste. My first home after I got married was a 980 square foot two bedroom Ranch style home. When our second child was on the way, it became clear that we were going to be stretched for space. We had to find a bigger place!

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

Hill Country Ranch Home Plan With Vaulted Great Room

It is not uncommon for a young couple to start married life in a small house of less than about 1,000-1,500 square feet. Then the children start to come together, and the space becomes small. Even more typical these days are Baby Boomers who face the empty nest syndrome, where the family has moved on and the married couple lives in a house that’s too big.

That’s where the 2000-2500 square foot house plan comes in. Like the mama bear’s pad, chair and bed in “The Three Bears,” that size house plan is not too big, not too small — but just right. In fact, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the median-sized single-family home currently being built in the United States’ new construction home market is 2,445 square feet.

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

We look at this house plan segment to discover 10 popular features that house plans in the 2000-2500 square foot range can offer. And there is no lack of choice in architectural styles. From craftsman to countryside or farmhouse to farm and more, you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy.

Craftsman Style House Plan

One of the hottest trends in recent years, the open floor plan – in which the kitchen, dining room and family room are open to each other, without walls – makes the space appear larger and is conducive to family living and entertaining. It’s a no-brainer for small family homes.

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

Typical of the open floor plan, this space, which is in a beautiful 3 bedroom, 3 bath Ranch style home plan, spells beautiful modern living. The family is on the left, behind the chair peeking out at the lower left (Plan #106-1274).

Talk to anyone with experience running a home, and you’ll hear the same thing: the kitchen – the heart of the home – is the most important space in the home. No matter what size the house is, you need to maximize the kitchen space and make sure it has plenty of storage space, with plenty of cupboards and if possible, a walk-in or walk-in pantry.

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

House Plan Maple Grove

With plenty of cupboards here (and more base and wall cupboards to the left, just out of view of the photo) this kitchen sports storage in abundance, plus the added benefit of a walk-in pantry behind the clear sliding glass door to the right, just past the wall ovens (Plan #153-1987).

A surefire way to make a smaller house feel bigger is with high ceilings. The more volume inside the shell of the house, the bigger it will feel. If you can afford to have 9-foot ceilings—or even 10-, 11-, or 12-foot ceilings in certain entertaining areas—you won’t regret it once you step into the expansive space.

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

This room in a 2,250 sq.ft. The southern country style house plan is not that big, but it looks spacious and grand because of its 9 foot high ceiling (Plan #141-1060).

Traditional Ranch Home Design

Popular especially among Baby Boomers — and almost by definition empty nesters — the main-floor master suite is becoming almost universal in new construction. This eliminates the worry of negotiating over the years and makes single-level living possible even in a two-story house, with extra bedrooms upstairs. Highly recommended for your new home move up (or down).

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

The master bedroom (above), with a view of the pool, is tucked away in its own cozy nook, away from the other bedrooms and the “public” areas, as seen in the floor plan (below). It also has its own entrance to the back deck (Plan #190-1007).

You’ll want to pamper yourself in your new home, and what better way than with a luxurious bathroom with all the space and amenities you desire. Double sinks are de rigueur in the master bath these days; separate sinks/sinks, say each on its own on each side of the room, are even more fashionable. And don’t forget the water closet, or compartmentalized toilet, for privacy.

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

Single Level Floor Plans

This floor plan of a magnificent 2,344 sq. Craftsman-style home illustrates a lovely master suite that occupies its own wing on the left side of the home. The sinks in the master bath are separate and face away from each other; the private water closet speaks for itself (Plan #106-1276).

Continuing the pampering theme from tip number 5, his and her cabinets are a decadent but enjoyable feature if you can pull it off in your new home. Clothes seem to have a strange way of multiplying over the years, so why not have your own spacious closet to store them?

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

With the entire right side of the 2,257 sq. Country Luxury home all to itself, the master suite in this floor plan has all the features of a beautiful lifestyle: large master bedroom, his and hers walk-in closets, separate vanities, vaulted ceiling, luxury shower and separate tub, and private water closet (Plan #163- 1052).

Hpg 20002 1: The Forrest Wood House Plans

An active family needs a place where the kids can come in without you having to worry about them messing up the house or the gardener can go in after tilling the ground and not have to worry about muddy boots. So make sure you plan ahead and include a side entrance (often outside or near the garage) with a closet and seating as a mudroom.

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

This mudroom (above) is representative of the one you’ll find in the beautiful 2,495 sq.ft. Country house at the bottom (Plan #135-1049).

Having a laundry room on the main living level makes so much sense, especially considering that laundry areas were usually moved to the basement in days gone by. Why not make it convenient to do that inevitable task by placing the space where you do most of your life?

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

Farmhouse Style House Plan

The laundry room (circled above) is just off the entrance to the attached garage at the back of the 2,400 sq.ft. Acadian style house at the bottom (Plan #142-1098).

The classic front porch, which has become increasingly popular in recent years, is the perfect welcome for guests and the perfect relaxing spot to watch the world go by. Speaking of relaxing, a home design with a wraparound porch or even a covered patio or back deck expands your living space by giving you extra space out in the open. Both front and back porches (or patios) make the smaller house look so much bigger.

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

The wide porch on this 2,156 sq. ft., 1-story country house is equipped with a swing and four relaxing rockers (Plan #123-1039).

Ranch Style Custom Home Plans Over 2,000 Square Feet

This covered back porch and barbecue/outdoor fireplace (to the right looking out of the house) extend the living area of ​​the 2,091 sq.ft. house by keeping residents out of the weather (Plan #117-1092).

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

You can never have too much storage space, so make sure your new home is equipped with lots of cupboards; adequate cupboards in the kitchen, laundry and bath areas; built-in where appropriate; and a garage slightly larger than the needs of your vehicles to provide space for the inevitable “extras” such as lawnmowers, power tools and other garden and workshop accessories.

This master bath and walk-in closet of a charming 2,199 sq.ft. Country house plan demonstrates smart use of storage – and that’s just the beginning. Each of the other 3 bedrooms in the house has its own walk-in closet;

2000 Sq Ft Ranch House Plans

Ranch Style House Plan

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