2000 Sq Ft House Plans 1 Floor Open Concept

By | December 18, 2022

2000 Sq Ft House Plans 1 Floor Open Concept – Josephine House Plan is Georgia brick perfect design. It’s the perfect size for a growing family. The dining room and the Josephine Plan great room are a mix of family-friendly spaces. They are distinguished through the height of the ceiling and the subtle architectural details found in the square arches. The great room and master suite feature beautiful terraced terraces. This Josephine floor plan features a large kitchen that provides a center island, passing, and dining in. There is a huge promenade in the pantry. The open concept design shares views of the dining room and great room. There is a separate door leading from the kitchen to the utility room. The utility room is large enough to accommodate a washer and dryer as well as a wash tub and folding table.

This home plan offers a spacious master suite. It is entered through the main hallway. The master bedroom has a beautiful terraced terrace. The master bathroom features a walk-in closet for the owners, a double sink vanity, makeup area, and a luxurious whirlpool tub. There is also a corner shower to complete the master bath. The dining room and great room of the Josephine Plan open to the outside and a covered patio. The second floor provides an optional bonus room. It has a large walk-in closet and a separate full bathroom.

2000 Sq Ft House Plans 1 Floor Open Concept

2000 Sq Ft House Plans 1 Floor Open Concept

There is a two car garage with side swing entrance. There is an optional drop down stairs leading up to the attic. Josephine has a traditional floor plan of 2109 square feet with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It is available with a slab/monolithic foundation.

Story Modern Farmhouse House Plan

Are you interested in creating a custom home plan designed just for you? So please Sater Group, Inc. Visit and learn how we can design the home of your dreams.

2000 Sq Ft House Plans 1 Floor Open Concept

What’s in a set of plans? Find out what we include in a set of house plans. All plans require engineering

Our plans do not include engineering for a specific site. Due to large differences in geography and climate, each state or municipality may have its own building regulations. Your plans will require site specific engineering to comply with those local requirements, therefore, we always recommend that your plans be reviewed by a local structural engineer for compliance.

2000 Sq Ft House Plans 1 Floor Open Concept

Features To Look For In House Plans 2000 2500 Square Feet

We are experiencing a huge amount of modifications. We are working as quickly as possible, however the deadline for modifications has been extended by at least 10 weeks. At this time, we cannot guarantee any specific time frame. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Planning options can increase the time it takes to process home plans for delivery. If you have any questions, please contact us. Tell us about your desired changes so we can prepare an estimate for design service. Click the button to submit your request for pricing, or call 1-800-913-2350.

2000 Sq Ft House Plans 1 Floor Open Concept

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Typical Kerala Nalukettu Type Home Plan In 2000 Sq Ft With Floor Plan

*Total square footage typically includes only air-conditioned space and does not include garages, porches, bonus rooms or decks.

2000 Sq Ft House Plans 1 Floor Open Concept

Additional hard copy of the plan (can be ordered at the time of purchase and within 90 days from the date of purchase).

Educate yourself about basic construction ideas with these four detailed diagrams that discuss electrical, plumbing, mechanical and structural topics.

2000 Sq Ft House Plans 1 Floor Open Concept

Hpg 1001 1: The Perkinston House Plans

A mirror-reverse set is a printed copy of your home, resulting in the same image you would see if you held the drawing up to a mirror. Everything, including the text, is backwards with respect to the original design. This type of drawing is typically used to more advantageously redirect the original plan to a site, either because the homeowner prefers it that way or because of site limitations. Note: Mirror reverse sets are only available with 5 copy or 8 copy sets. With Reproducible, PDF, or CAD sets, you can print mirrored copies locally. Also: 5 copy sets selected, should only allow 4 mirrored sets to be selected. With 8 copy sets selected, only 7 mirrored sets should be allowed to be selected.

Unless you purchase an “unlimited” plan set or a multi-use license, you can only build one house from one set of plans. Please call to verify if you intend to build more than once. Plan licenses are non-transferrable and cannot be resold.

2000 Sq Ft House Plans 1 Floor Open Concept

We offer 90% credit when you upgrade from a set that isn’t manufactured, in 5-copy sets (or more).

Bedroom House Plan Examples

Plan 1010-148 on sale On sale for $117.00! 1691 sq ft 2 story 4 bed 35′ wide 3 bath 40′ deep plan 1010-80 on sale $1395.00 on sale! 2102 sq ft 2 story 3 bed 69′ wide 2.5 bath 38′ deep plan 1010-175 on sale On sale for $2025.00! 3669 sq ft 2 story 4 bed 69′ 6″ wide 3.5 bath 48′ 8″ deep plan 1010-101 on sale on sale for $1170.00! 1796 sq ft 1 story 3 bed 58′ wide 2.5 bath 49′ 4″ deep plan 1010-102 on sale for $1170.00! 1808 sq ft 1 story 2 bed 52′ wide 2 bath 53′ deep plan 1010-103 for sale For $1170.00 on sale! 1824 sq ft 1 story 3 bed 58′ wide 2 bath 51′ deep plan 1010-104 on sale for $1170.00 on sale! 1866 sq ft 1 story 3 bed 60′ wide 2.5 bath 49′ 4″ deep plan On sale 1010- 129 on sale for $1395.00! 2472 sq ft 2 story 4 bed 57′ 8″ wide 2.5 bath 44′ 6″ deep plan 1010-145 on sale $1395.00 on sale! 2006 sq ft 1 story 3 bed 67′ wide 2.5 bath 53′ 4″ deep plan 1010-152 on sale for $1395.00! 2148 sq ft 2 story 4 bed 67′ wide 2.5 bath 35′ deep plan 1010-158 for sale for $1665.00 on sale! 2665 sq ft 2 story 4 bed 69′ 8″ wide 2.5 bath 47′ 8″ deep plan 1010-204 on sale for $1665.00 on sale! 2952 sq ft 2 story 4 bed 71′ 4″ wide 4 bath 49′ 8″ deep plan 1010-208 on sale for $1170.00 on sale! 1866 sq ft 2 story 3 bed 56′ 6″ wide 2.5 bath 32′ 4″ deep plan 1010-233 on sale for $1665.00 on sale! 2611 sq ft 2 story 4 bed 57′ wide 2.5 bath 51′ deep plan 1010-236 on sale for $1170.00! 1672 sq ft 2 story 3 bed 49′ 10″ wide 2.5 bath 37′ 8″ deep plan 1010-240 on sale $1395.00 On sale for! 2100 sq ft 2 story 3 bed 53′ 8″ wide 2.5 bath 42′ deep plan 1010-243 on sale $1395.00 on sale! 2188 sq ft 2 story 3 bed 58′ 2″ wide 2.5 bath 52′ deep plan 1010-246 on sale for $1665.00 on sale! 2552 sq ft 2 story 4 bed 51′ wide 2.5 bath 49′ 8″ deep

2000 Sq Ft House Plans 1 Floor Open Concept

Some of our plans are also available on other websites and in printed catalogues. We are committed to selling these plans at or below the lowest price available elsewhere. If you get a regular priced plan at a lower price (not “on-sale”) we will beat the advertised price by 5%. We will match the price of any on-sale plan.

Once our staff is able to verify that the same plan is offered at a lower published price, we will offer the plan for sale at the lower published price for less than 5%. Our discount is available for Tatkal plan purchases only. Please call us at 1-800-913-2350.

2000 Sq Ft House Plans 1 Floor Open Concept

Sq Ft House Plan

The item advertised must be the same plan as the product being purchased, including set type (5-copy, 8-copy, reproducible, or CAD set), foundation options, and any miscellaneous details. The advertised price must be in the same currency in which the original product was purchased. Our price guarantee does not apply to advertising errors or misprint, special prices, restricted offers, mail order offers, discounts, coupons, premiums, free or bonus offers, OEMs. Products, limited or minimum quantity or limited time offers, close-outs, liquidations, withdrawals and special financing offers.

Only complete sets of plans, such as PDF, 5-copy, 8-copy, reproducible, or CAD, are eligible for this offer. 1-Copy set, study set, spare set, material list are not eligible for this offer.

2000 Sq Ft House Plans 1 Floor Open Concept

All sales on home plans and customizations/modifications are final. No refund or exchange can be given after your order has initiated the fulfillment process.

Nelson Design Group › House Plan 1094 Appalachian, American Woodlands House Plan

All house plans are designed to conform to the building codes of when and where the original house was designed.

2000 Sq Ft House Plans 1 Floor Open Concept

In addition to the house plan you have ordered, you may also need a site plan that shows where the house is going to be located on the property. You may also need a beam size to accommodate the specific roofing load for your area. Your home builder can usually help you with this. You may also need a septic design unless your lot is not served by a sanitary sewer system. Many areas now have area-specific energy codes that also have to be followed. This usually involves filling out a simple form providing documentation.

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