2 Master Suites House Plans

By | June 2, 2022

2 Master Suites House Plans – I’m a crazy sleeper (if what my husband says is true). Supposedly, I snore…but other than that, I’ve been known to hide from assassins (in our bedroom — 3:00 am) and once, I almost broke my leg while kicking an attacking goose (in our bedroom — at around the same time of night). In fact, I vaguely remember moving a very heavy potted plant from the nightstand to the side of her bed, to my side — over her sleeping head, while kneeling, barely keeping my balance and the my grip . (What could have gone wrong?) So, with people like me in mind, let’s look at something that’s a growing trend in home design — the inclusion of two master bedrooms in the floor plan.

Until recently, the concept of two master suites in one house was rare — or at least, it was rarely suggested — because of the stigma attached to the implication of couples not sharing the same room. But the truth is, more and more homeowners are looking for home plans that include two master bedrooms — and for many good reasons.

2 Master Suites House Plans

2 Master Suites House Plans

Of course, there is always the aforementioned issue of snoring. His snoring. His snoring. Or perhaps, fellow snorers, celebrated in nightly snoring fests. In any case, listening to one’s snoring can ruin one’s hopes for a good night’s sleep (or, so I’m told) and separate master suites can provide the ultimate -fixes for specific problems. (…a solution that is, by far, more socially acceptable than murder)

Barndominium Floor Plans To Suit Every Homeowner

Beyond snoring, however, is the fact that as Baby Boomers age into their 60s and 70s, multi-generational households are becoming more common. Second master suites can provide a greater sense of personal space and independence for aging Boomers’ parents, when retirement home options are not desired or feasible. Also, the second master offers a more comfortable space for the homeowner’s boomerang children who may “come back to the nest” for any number of reasons.

2 Master Suites House Plans

Another motive for considering a second master’s may be the accommodation of a couple’s different and/or demanding work schedules. A spouse who leaves early or comes home late because of work can cause major inconveniences, and at some point, it will definitely cause friction in the relationship.

Additionally, some homeowners often host out-of-town guests and may want to give their temporary guests a real sense of home away from home — a place which is more comfortable than “the spare bedroom.”

2 Master Suites House Plans

Luxury New American House Plan With Two Master Suites And An Elevator

Here at Advanced House Plans, we offer several current designs that feature two master bedrooms. All of our home plans, however, can be customized to accommodate a second master in any number of ways, depending on the original home design. For example, you can pursue two masters at the same level, or one at a basic level and another at a higher, or lower level. Perhaps you need a second master with its own outside entrance — a feature particularly appreciated by those seeking a sense of independence, such as an in-law or grown child.

Whatever the reasons for including a second master suite in a home, this design trend is here, and it’s likely to become more common as the population ages. The associated stigma of having a “broken marriage” is on the way out — replaced instead by practical, realistic and intelligent design considerations.

2 Master Suites House Plans

As for me, I hope my husband has learned to sleep through my nightly assassin raids, goose attacks and houseplant transplants. (And I have to remember to remind him…killing is not socially acceptable.)

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2 Master Suites House Plans

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2 Master Suites House Plans

Modern Farmhouse Plan: 3,599 Square Feet, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms

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A multi-family home is exactly what it sounds like. It is 2 separate houses divided by a common wall with separate entrances. These homes are often referred to as duplexes, tri-plexes, or townhomes. So why would anyone want to build a multi-family property over a single-family home? Let&rs…read more All plans are copyrighted by our designers. Photographs may include modifications made by the homeowner with their builder.

2 Master Suites House Plans

The cover sheet includes general building code notes and information, design standards and details of structural materials required for the construction of your home.

Extended Stay Barndominium *pdf Download*

The schedule sheet includes roof and foundation ventilation schedules, insulation and vapor barrier specifications, and an exhaust fan ventilation schedule.

2 Master Suites House Plans

The specification sheet shows building components on a large scale as necessary to explain the construction of footings, foundation walls, concrete slabs, framed floors and walls, columns, beams, insulation , eaves, roofs, tunnels, stairs, skylights, and connections.

A foundation plan sheet shows the layout of a crawl space, walk-out basement or slab foundation. The foundation plan includes all necessary notes, dimensions, concrete walls, footing pads, posts, beams, bearing walls, crawlspace vents, footing schedule, steel reinforcing, and structural information. If you need a different type of foundation, please contact us for changes to your plan.

2 Master Suites House Plans

House Plans With Video And 360 Degree Tours

Floor plans are horizontal cuts through each floor of the house, usually 5′ above the floor. A floor plan shows the location of interior and exterior walls, doors, windows, stairs, closets, cabinets, floors, appliances, plumbing fixtures, fireplaces, posts and beams. Floor plans also indicate vaulted, coffered, or box beam ceilings, cased openings and areas with ceiling soffits.

A roof framing plan shows the geometry of hips, ridges, valleys, dormers, roof pitches, wall and plate heights, and overhangs. The plan also shows all individual roof framing members, trusses, rafters, beams, skylights, roof vents, gutters, downspouts, skylights, bearing walls under framing members, and point loads.

2 Master Suites House Plans

Exterior elevations show all four sides of the house, describing roofing materials, siding, and trim, doors, windows, roof pitch, skylights, gutters, chimneys, wall height, finish grade and overall height of the building.

One Story House Plan With Two Master Suites

Building sections are vertical cuts in the house from the roof to the foundation. The sections describe the sequence of construction from bottom to top beginning with excavation, proceeding to foundation, drainage, wall and floor framing, staircase framing, roof framing , windows, doors, venting, and exterior and interior finishes. Wall plate heights for each floor are also delineated.

2 Master Suites House Plans

If you wish to purchase this plan in reverse, please select “readable reverse” or “mirror reverse” under Options above.

Not all items qualify for discounts. Discounts only apply to plans, not QuikQuotes, plan options and optional foundations and some of our designers do not allow us to discount their plans.

2 Master Suites House Plans

The Hamilton Bay

Your Materials List will match the base plan only. The following options will not appear in the materials list:

Most concrete block (CMU) houses have 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 exterior walls on the second floor. Amazing comfort and accessibility can be a reality when you choose among house plans with master bedrooms on the first floor. And with so many possibilities at your fingertips, you’ll find this option in all types of homes!

2 Master Suites House Plans

Traditionally, the master suite was on the second or top floor of the house, but customer preferences began to change. Homeowners across the country and across demographics are seeing the many benefits of having their master bedroom on the first floor. Whether you or a loved one has limited mobility, or you just want to be closer to the main areas where everyone hangs out, check out our homes with first floor master bedrooms.

House Plan 4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, Garage, 3884

Note the beautiful features that master suites can have on the first floor. This one has dual walk-in closets and a huge 5-piece spa bath!

2 Master Suites House Plans

One of the many great things about first floor master bedrooms is how accessible they are. As you look at the many different styles and layouts available, you will notice some similarities in the designs.

For example, you’ll find that many of these plans have a master either off the kitchen or in the living room. It makes it easy to transition between entertaining and then getting into bed after everyone else has left.

2 Master Suites House Plans

Top 5 Most Sought After Features Of Today’s Master Bedroom Suite

THD-3404 (‘Green Acres’) is a good example of

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