2 Main Tips To Choose Perfect Full Size Sofa Bed

By | December 27, 2020

What is nicer than buying full size sofa bed to fill your room? this type of sofa can be used not only for comfortable place to enjoy your leisure time with friends and family but also can be the best solution to overcome space limitations. Sofa beds are a functional alternative as well as convenient for providing your guests in a small space of your living room. many people are also even consider that having sofa bed is as comfortable as regular bed. Thus, in order to get the maximum benefits of sofa bed, there are things to consider before you choose to buy this as follow:

Impressive Living Area With Gray Sofa Bed Beside Arch Floor Lamp

a. Consider your needs

The very first thing to consider before choosing full size sofa bed beside the functionality is to consider whether it will be primarily used for seating or as a bed. If you want to use the sofa as the primary sleeping purpose for yourself, then you need to take a look into the type of mattress. There are 2 options that you can use as reference to choose the perfect mattress for your full size sofa bed :

– Polyester or cotton fill

Usually this material is used for futon cushions. When it comes to synthetic-filled mattress and cotton, they are avaiIable in many kinds of thickness. To get maximum comfort, you can choose sofa that the materials in it has at least 8 inches deep. In addition, you also have to see the mechanism it works to close and open easily.

– Innerspring

Other material option for the mattresses is innerspring. It mostly comes with comfortable picks that has around 5 inches deep. However, always keep in mind that spring material tends to be noisy. Thus, if you want to use this sofa bed in a more open space or in a shared room, it is better recommended to use another version of mattress instead.

Seductive Chair With Ottoman also Sofa Bed Plus Wooden Coffee Table

b. Size

It is very fundamental to calculate all the measurements of your room. First, you must measure the area where you want to put it and consider the width for that area. There 4 standard width when it comes to full size sofa bed:

1. Chair: 51 – 58 inches

2. Twin: 56 – 65 inches

3. Full: 68 – 92 inches

4. King/queen: 79 – 101 inches

Next, you must also measure the width of the doorway as well as the height of the room’s ceiling. Make sure that the placement of full size sofa bed fits with the measurement of any preceding elevator, doorways and stairs.

Captivating Full Size Sofa Bed With Hidden Seat also Lush Back

Elegant Design of Grey Full Size Sofa Bed With Short Legs Decor

Frantic Full Size Sofa Bed Using Metal Legs and White Pillow

Hunky Design of Blue Sofa Bed With Stripe Seat and Flowery Pillows

Horrible Style of Full Size Sofa Bed With Comfortable Seat and Pillows

Lavish Design Of Full Size Sofa Bed With Charming Seat and Back

Minimalist Sofa Bed Beside Coffee Table For Decorating Narrow Room

Nice Living Room With Brown Sofa Bed also Twin Coffee Tables

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