2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

By | December 30, 2021

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage – If you​​​​are looking to build a new home from the ground up, your first step will be to choose the floor plan for the home. Small 2 bedroom house plans are ideal choice for young families, baby boomers and single people.

Most small families, or even couples living on their own, will lean towards homes with two or three bedrooms. Whether you need this third bedroom can vary greatly depending on many factors. In most cases, 2-bedroom home plans would be the best choice for small families.

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

If you​​​​are thinking about building small house plans, there are many options to choose from. Some of the different types of two bedroom houses include:

Bedroom House Plan2 Bed Room House Plan House Plan Sri Lanka

Open Floor Plans – One type of house that many people like to select is 2 bedroom open floor plan house plans. In an open floor plan, the kitchen flows into the living room, which opens into the dining room. In such homes, a lot is wide open, so it looks bigger, even if the square footage is smaller.

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

Tiny houses – Tiny houses are on the rise in popularity these days, and for good reason. They take up much less space, they reduce your carbon footprint, and you can still get multiple bedrooms. 2 bedroom tiny house plans allow you to get enough space for your needs without spending a fortune. You will save money so you can spend it on actually doing and not just repairing your home.

Homes under 1500 sq ft – Small 2 bedroom house plans under 1500 sq ft. are another great option that you can choose. A house that is around that size will have enough space, but will not be so big that it is unmanageable. It would also have enough space for a hobby room or home office. You can still keep it clean, and take care of it, and have the room you need without being overwhelmed.

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

Bedroom Floor Plan With Large Balcony

Homes with a Garage – Another option to consider is whether your two bedroom home will include a garage. 2 bedroom house plans with a garage will give you some added square footage while also offering much needed storage and a place to keep your car safe. You can find many plans for these types of houses today, because many people need at least a two-car garage for their household.

Two Bedroom Two Bathroom Homes – When choosing 2 bedroom tiny house plans, you also need to think about how many bathrooms you need. Many two bedroom house plans will come with only one bathroom, or one and a half bathrooms. One way to make sure you have plenty of space and comfort is to get 2-bedroom 2-bath plans.

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

If you​​​​are looking for the ideal size home for just you and one other person, or for you and your very small family, consider 2 bedroom home plans. They will keep you on budget while ensuring you get the space you need.

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Homes built on the two-bedroom model offer many advantages. They are much easier to maintain than large, sprawling houses. And thus their carbon footprint can be significantly smaller than that of large houses. Low maintenance homes also mean less time spent with the home and more time doing things you enjoy. Like, maybe, hosting guests.

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

Whether you live alone in a two-bedroom home or with a spouse or significant other, you’ll still have an extra bedroom for hosting guests. You and your guests can enjoy each other’s company during the day, while retreating to privacy in separate bedrooms at night.

If, on the other hand, you are not someone who enjoys hosting guests, homes built from two-bedroom house plans offer the perfect excuse, if the second bedroom is, for example, your home office or hobby room. Or you can combine the two by having a hideaway bed in a sofa in the second bedroom.

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

Narrow Land House Plans 3 Bedroom Study House Plans

Houses built from 2 bedroom house plans are quite a popular option in this age of quarantine, downsizing and minimalism. (Look at the huge rise in popularity of tiny houses, something almost no one considered 20 years ago.) There are as many uses for two-bedroom house plans as there are designs for two-bedroom houses.

Tiny two-bedroom homes can be a winning combination of utility and low cost building. Of course, not all two bedroom house plans build tiny homes, but if you go the tiny house route, you can achieve big savings. Small foundations, small roofs, simplicity of design, and probably lower assessments, translate into lower costs, sometimes significantly lower.

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

Of course, you can also go with a much more luxurious design for a house built from a small house plan with two bedrooms. Imagination and budget are the only limiting factors for what your home can be.

Explore Our Top Two Bedroom House Plans

Another advantage of only two bedrooms is that it leaves extra space for enlarging other rooms. In many households, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Choosing to drop a third or fourth bedroom allows you to devote more space to a kitchen. Maybe you can build that kitchen island you’ve always wanted, or maybe a bar that connects the kitchen to the living room.

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

In other 2 bedroom house plans, the living room is the heart of the house. Here is where you hang out with friends and family. You can eat here and watch TV, or share beer and football together. If this is your style, the above of several bedrooms is the way to have a spacious living room without adding to the overall visual material of the house.

Two bedrooms can of course mean two or more residents. How many of them have a car? Do you want your cars protected from the elements? Want to use a garage for extra storage space? You can always build a house based on a two bedroom house plan with a garage. This is all a matter of taste and utility, but regardless, it is quite easy to attach a garage to a two-bedroom house.

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

House Plan 75451

All our houses are designed with Passive House principles in mind and are just as efficient as they are beautiful.Home Designing can earn commissions for purchases made through the links on our website. See our disclosure policy.

Two-bedroom apartments are ideal for couples and small families. As one of the most common types of homes or apartments available, two-bedrooms provide just enough space for efficiency and yet offer more comfort than a smaller one-bedroom or studio. In this post, we’ll showcase some of our favorite two-bedroom apartment and house plans all rendered in stunning 3D perspective. If you​​​​​​are looking for modern house plans that also include architectural drawings, check out our collection of modern house plans.

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

Similar to an L shape, but not quite, this apartment feels open and spacious with a layout that wraps each bedroom around a large shared living area.

Ranch Style House Plan

A two bedroom with a little privacy? Yes, it is possible! The placement of the two bedrooms in this apartment plan ensures that you and your guests feel comfortable in your own spaces. Each bedroom offers ample closet space and adjoining bathrooms, with the shared common areas of the kitchen, dining room, laundry room and living room at the center.

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

When you​​​​​​think of a modern apartment, we bet you will visualize a lot of clean lines and natural light. This apartment plan captures just that with bright color tones set against pristine white walls and floors. Natural light shines through the space from a wall of windows and glass doors that lead to a charming balcony.

Bright pops of color make this two bedroom a cheerful space that anyone could fall in love with. Spacious outdoor space with a full patio provides plenty of space for sun furniture and alfresco dining.

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

Bedroom House Plans

Soothing greens and pearls in this design give this space a peaceful vibe, but it’s the efficient use of space that makes it a great fit for young couples who need a guest room.

The sophisticated man will love the charcoal walls, hardwood floors and modern kitchen of this visualization of two bedroom, one bathroom apartment.

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

It’s the outdoor spaces that make this two-bedroom plan a favorite. Two flower beds and a terrace give those with a green thumb a chance to indulge their love of gardening, no matter what floor they are on!

House Plan Mapleton

There are so many things to love about this visualization. First, the unique shape of the patio that provides both privacy and just enough space to enjoy a breath of fresh air. Then, the small (but cozy!) footprint of the space itself, which shows a living room with plenty of seating, a modern kitchen, a bedroom big enough for a king bed, a second sleeping area big enough for twins, and a shared bathroom with luxury amenities.

2 Bedroom House Plans With Garage

A Jack and Jill bath, plenty of closet space, and a spacious floor plan give this two bedroom apartment an open flow that is comfortable for families, couples or singles

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