2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

By | December 16, 2022

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans – My first home after marriage was a 980 square foot two bedroom ranch style home. When our second child was on its way, it became clear that we were going to stretch for space. We need to find a bigger place!

It is not uncommon for a young couple to start their married life in a small house of less than 1,000-1,500 square feet. Then the kids start coming and the space gets tight. More common these days are baby boomers experiencing the empty nest syndrome, where families move and married couples live in a much larger home.

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

That’s where the 2000-2500 sq ft house plan comes in. Like Mama Bear’s couch, chair and bed in “The Three Bears,” that oversized home plan is not too big, not too small — but just right. In fact, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the median-size single-family home currently built in the United States new-construction housing market is 2,445 square feet.

Ranch Style Custom Home Plans Over 2,000 Square Feet

We look into this house plan segment to find 10 popular features that house plans in the 2000-2500 sq ft range offer. And there is no shortage of architectural styles to choose from. From Craftsman to country or farmhouse to ranch and more, you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy.

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

One of the hottest trends in recent years, the open floor plan — in which the kitchen, dining room, and family room are open to each other, with no walls — makes the space feel larger and more conducive to family living and entertaining. This is not a problem for small family homes.

Featuring an open floor plan, this stunning 3-bedroom, 3-bath ranch-style house plan epitomizes elegant modern living. The family is on the left, behind the chair looking out at lower left (Plan #106-1274).

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

Contemporary Kerala House Plan At 2000 Sq.ft

Talk to anyone who has experience managing a home and you’ll hear the same thing: the kitchen—the heart of the home—is the most important space in the home. No matter the size of the house, you should maximize the kitchen space and make sure it has plenty of storage with lots of cabinets and if possible a walk-in or closet pantry.

With lots of cabinets here (and more base and wall cabinets on the left, out of view in the photo), this kitchen sports plenty of storage, and has the added benefit of a walk-in pantry behind a translucent glass sliding door on the right, just past the wall ovens (Plan #153-1987).

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

High ceilings are a surefire way to make a small home feel bigger. The more volume inside the house shell, the bigger it will feel. If you can afford 9-foot ceilings in some entertaining areas — or 10-, 11-, or 12-foot ceilings — you won’t regret stepping into the spacious space.

Duplex House Plans Under 2000 Sq Ft

This room is 2,250 square feet. The southern country style house plan is not that big, but it feels spacious and elegant with 9 foot high ceilings (Plan #141-1060).

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

Especially popular among baby boomers — empty nesters almost by definition — the main-floor master suite is becoming almost universal in new construction. This eliminates the worry of having to negotiate for years to come and makes one-level living possible even in a two-story home with extra bedrooms upstairs. Highly recommended for your up (or down) new home.

The master bedroom (above), as seen in the floor plan (below), is in its own cozy nook, away from the other bedrooms and “common” spaces, with a view of the pool. It also has its own access to the back deck (Plan #190-1007).

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

Floor Plan For 40 X 50 Plot

You’ll want to pamper yourself in your new home, and what better way than a luxurious bathroom with all the space and amenities you could want. Double vanities are de rigueur in the master bath these days; Separate vanities/sinks, say one on each side of the room on its own, are more fashionable. Don’t forget a water closet or compartmentalized toilet for privacy.

This floor plan of magnificent 2,344 sq.ft. The Craftsman-style home features a beautiful master suite that sits in its own wing on the left side of the home. The vanities in the master bath are separate and far from each other; The private water closet speaks for itself (Plan #106-1276).

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

Continuing with Tip No. 5’s pampering theme, his-and-hers closets are a decadent but enjoyable feature if you can manage them in your new home. Clothes seem to have a strange way of piling up over the years, so why not have your own room closet to store them?

To 4000 Square Feet

257 sq. ft. entire right side. Country luxury home, the master suite in this floor plan has all the features of lavish living: large master bedroom, his and hers walk-in closets, separate vanities, vaulted ceiling, luxury shower and separate tub, and private water closet. (Plan #163-1052).

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

An active family needs a space where the kids can come in without worrying about them messing up the house, or the home gardener can come in after working the soil and not worry about muddy boots. Therefore, you should make sure you plan ahead to include a side entry (often off or near the garage) with a closet and a mudroom with seating.

This mudroom (above) is representative of what you’ll find at a beautiful 2,495 square feet. Country style home below (Plan #135-1049).

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

Sq Ft Modern Contemporary House Plan

Having a laundry room on the main living level makes a lot of sense, especially considering that in days gone by laundry areas were usually relegated to the basement. Why not make it convenient to do that essential work by establishing a space where you do most of your life?

Theloundry room (circled above) is just off the entry from the attached garage in the rear of the 2,400-sq.-ft. Acadian style house below (Plan #142-1098).

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

Increasingly popular in recent years, the classic front porch is a great welcome for guests and a great relaxing spot to watch the world go by. Speaking of relaxation, a home design with a covered porch or a covered back patio or deck extends your living space by giving you extra space from the weather. Front and back porches (or patios) make a small house feel much larger.

Thomasville Plan 1828 Square Feet

This 2,156-square-foot, 1-story country-style home features a spacious front porch furnished with a hammock and four reclining rockers (Plan #123-1039).

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

This covered rear patio and barbecue porch/outdoor fireplace (looking right from the house) extend the 2,091-square-foot living area. House (Plan #117-1092) keeping occupants out of the weather.

You can never have too much storage, so make sure your new home is equipped with plenty of closets; ample cabinets in kitchen, laundry and bath areas; Built-ins where appropriate; And a garage that’s slightly larger than your vehicle needs to make room for essential “extras” like lawnmowers, power tools, and other garden and workshop supplies.

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

Square Feet House Plan

2,199 square feet with this master bath and walk-in closet. Country-style house plans demonstrate smart use of storage — and that’s just the beginning. Each of the home’s 3 other bedrooms has its own walk-in closet; The kitchen has a walk-in pantry; The breakfast area has a built-in breakfront (Plan #141-1107).

Isn’t it time to collect your favorite features from these 10 and start looking for your own dream home?

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

Caption: The lead photo (above) in this article is a 402-square-foot, 1-story, 4-bedroom country-style home. To learn more about the house, see: (Plan #141-1125) Duplex house plans are residential homes built over two stories. In India, duplex houses are a combination of 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms.

Floor Plan Available Of This 2000 Sq Ft Home

When it comes to middle class Indians, they want independent houses. They go for a small plot ranging from 700 sq.ft to 2000 sq.ft. The best can be built up to 2000 sqft (duplex) following government restrictions on plot size. In some cases, you can build more (if the plot size is between 1100 sq ft and 2000 sq ft)

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

Here are some duplex house plans under 2000 square feet that can be built if they have a small plot:

An east facing house with a spacious 1 bhk plan on the ground floor and a master bedroom with a spacious terrace on the first floor.

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

Floor Plan For 40 X 50 Feet Plot

This 3 bhk duplex house plan has an area of ​​1500 sqft, 750 sqft is on the ground floor and the rest is on the first floor. However, the plot of this bungalow is more than 2000 sq.ft. But in this plot, the garden area is given prime importance, so the house is set at 18 X 43 feet.

Well furnished on 25 X 40 feet plot. This 2 bhk duplex house plan has a built-up area of ​​less than 1500 sqft.

2 000 Sq Foot House Plans

This 4 bhk duplex house plan is spread over 1700 sqft and has spacious rooms. It consists of two bedrooms

Awesome 4 Bedroom 2000 Sq Ft Contemporary Style House

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