10 Charming Window Covering Ideas

Instead of being boring and predictable, you can try new and creative window covering ideas and make different look of the house. The following list contains new trends and treatments for windows. Being different and stylish, it will add some lights in your house. Check this out.

Exellent Design Picture for Window Covering Ideas with Nice Color close Large Wall

1. Organic Blind

Now, you will be able to find blind made of woven bamboo or matchstick. They look naturally adorable and authentic. When you fold it down, it still allows some light to shed, but it gives you enough privacy too.

2. Color Covered Curtain

Brown or other used-to-be-popular shades are considered as basics now. You need something new like grey curtain with lavender flower prints on it, white curtain with blue prints on it, and something similar.

3. Contrasting Trim Curtain

This is highly on trend right now. Many soft colored curtains are trimmed with contrasting color. For example, you will love eggshell curtain with matte black horizontal trimming.

4. Mohair Curtain

This curtain commonly offers bi-color combination with one of them is sheering. It offers style and atmosphere at once while keeping the privacy too.

5. Swing Arm Curtain

This old idea comes back to life, and many people seem eager to adopt the style. It requires you to swing the curtain panel while curtain material remains soft and plain.

Fascinating Furniture Decor with Nice Color in Big Brown Sofa

6. Shade with Malachite Pattern

Malachite pattern with add elegance and grand look in a room. Many are now finished with more modern accent to accommodate the combination. Its beauty is sublime.

7. Screen with Fretwork Panel

This was popular back then in Asian houses especially Chinese house. Finished in modern shade, this will make charming pattern for a modern house window screen.

8. Painting on Windows

It is unusual but with proper treatment, it makes revolutionary look. It is eccentric, artsy, yet elegant. Many designers suggest young aristocrat with this idea.

9. Louvered Shutter

This has been forgotten for a while and it backs on trend. Finish it with edgy shade and it makes authentic and modern shutter for your windows.

10. Shade of Ikat Cloth

It is a perfect combination on elegant room with dark accent. Ikat cloth makes you look adventurous while it also remains humble and authentic.

As you can see, there are bunch of new ideas for charming windows. You can still have some privacy when you want to, yet you have enough shed of light while it remains super good looking too. If your current window treatment is tired, try those new window covering ideas.

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